"Chris Hiatt doesn't just play the guitar...he BECOMES one ! "
That was the review of Portland, Oregon music critic S.P. Clarke upon experiencing the sound of the Montana native.
Many guitarist find their own way to progress at their craft. For CHRIS HIATT, that way is also his passion, playing live on stage some 300 dates per year. Night after night, in front of a crowd, is where Hiatt draws inspiration as well as a feeling of well-being.
The years have paid off for CHRIS HIATT. He has crafted a
respectable body of songs, having self-produced five albums since 'Dreaming of Miranda', his critically acclaimed first release in 1997.
March 2009 brought the release of Hiatt's first ever live CD, CHRIS HIATT EXPERIENCE LIVE AT BOOTSIE'S HIDEAWAY. The nine tracks (including four Hiatt originals) were recorded absolutely LIVE at Port Orange, Florida nightclub BOOTSIE'S HIDEAWAY.

A more definitive live set was recorded on the band's 2011 Swedish tour. GOOD CLEAN FUN sold well locally and sales in Scandinavia were even better.
Hiatt and his band tour Scandinavia regularly. The band just completed their 22nd tour of Sweden in September/October 2015

Holding down the bass position, is native of Columbus, Ohio, STEVE 'STEVIE G.' GRAVES, Stevie is a solid, groovin' player with years of gigging under his belt. His dependable playing is a compliment to the overall sound.
The drumming job in the band has belonged to Peoria, Illinois native ALAN W. ELAM since Autumn of 2016. Elam plays drums as well as guitar and bass. His encyclopedic knowledge of music & music trivia is astounding, as is his solid pocket drumming.

January 1, 2016 marks the release of Hiatt's fifth studio album, 'NEW DIRECTIONS'.
The disc contains 13 originals written (or co-written) by Hiatt. Early reviews are quite favorable, highlighting Hiatt's guitar playing and a maturing songwriting style.